Keep UA Schools Strong


The purpose of Issue 5 is to keep the quality we have.


By continuing to attract, employ, and retain the best teachers


By keeping high-quality academics and reasonable class sizes throughout our growing district


By maintaining school security, mental health and school counselors, and student activities


By ensuring UA Schools remains an asset that adds to our community’s quality and reputation


By avoiding significant cuts - $11 Million in the first year - that would reduce educational quality and college readiness

Issue 5 Facts


This levy is well justified and worthy of your consideration and support. Here’s why:

Issue 5 is necessary to keep our UA Schools strong. Despite continuing and projected student enrollment growth, state funding has not changed for over 30 years.


The last levy was projected to last until the 2019-20 school year, but UA Schools was able to stretch funding for two more years by cutting expenses, freezing new hires, and using reserves.


UA Schools prioritizes students, and keeps overhead and administrative costs low, so we lead Ohio – the entire state – in the percentage of our school budget that goes to the classroom. So, students get the maximum benefit of our tax dollars.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Issue 5: Rumor vs. Fact